My networking skills and passion for working with clients and within a team – combined with my broad technical experience – is ideal for your project that requires a balance between customer demands and business goals. While working internationally in America, Germany and The Netherlands I build a self starting and proactive mentality which I would like to use in a dynamic and innovative environment. As an experienced software engineer I have worked within R&D on consumer products, translating academic knowledge and the latest engineering techniques to develop innovative products and services

VR Quest Entertainment

2022 – present

VR Quest Entertainment gives customers a Virtual Reality experiences using the latest portable Meta Quest 2 headsets.

NovaText Communications

2016 – 2021

NovaText Communications provides website design, usability and copywriting with accurate native English and Dutch translations. For a broader audience on various subjects NovaText provides freelance journalism for papers and magazines, and additional video reports for online media.

Achievements reporter for ‘Son en Breugel TV’ 2021:
• Worked together with local Eindhoven’s TV station Studio040, Radio Son en Breugel
and the local paper ‘De Mooi Son en Breugel Krant’ to make weekly video rapports
and interviews on local events.

Achievements journalism for local paper ‘De Mooi Son en Breugel Krant’ 2019-2020:
• Wrote sixteen articles about various subjects based on interviews and research.
• Created video reports on local events for paper’s facebook page.

Achievements website and media projects:
• Eindhoven Maker Faire documentary shown at the Natlab cinema.
• New website and training volunteers for Eindhoven News.
• Redesign website and newsletter for The Hub Eindhoven.
• YouTube video reports for Eindhoven News and The Hub Eindhoven.
• Dutch – English translations for AB Makelaars website and folders.
• Redesign and improve concept store website for

Mapscape B.V.

oct/2016 – mar/1017
Software Quality Assurance Consultant

Mapscape makes digital maps for car navigation systems and needed to pass the Automotive SPICE level-2 audit. Was hired trough Smartskyl as freelance SQA consultant to help with process improvement and documentation.

• Write and review procedures for the Quality Management System (QMS).
• Update the Competency Framework to improve HRM function descriptions.
• Introduce SCRUM way of working in the Quality Assurance team

NovaTouch BV

2007 – 2011

Designed and marketed a user-friendly computer for elderly, giving them independence and improved communication with family and caregivers.

• Coordinated NovaTouch marketing and communications.
• Technical writer of user manuals for the NovaTouch system.
• Cooperation with Smart Homes and ShareCare for domotica solutions.
• Cooperation with TU/e Industrial Design interns for prototyping and usability.

NXP Semiconductors

2004 – 2006
Software Test Engineer

Improve product quality of the CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive platforms. Developing and running performance and regression tests, submitting problem reports and supporting software release management.

• Improved test process by automation and implementing tool upgrades.
• Integrated performance tests into the department Test Tool.
• Initiated ISEB training and qualification for the entire test team.

Philips Optical Storage

2001 – 2003
Software Quality Assurance Officer

Improved software process of the CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive platform development.

• Achieved CMM level 2 qualifications within two years.
• Formal review of all high level design documentation.

Technical University of Eindhoven

1998 – 2000
Research Assistant

Two year full time Industrial Design master’s program: User-System Interaction, for a user-centered analysis and design of complex technological systems.  Final project was designing an international intranet for the VDL BOVA Bus service organization. 

Results final project:
• Requirements fully verified by contextual analysis, prototypes and usability testing.
• System implemented in three months, with no major changes required during deployment and operation for next three years.

ICT Automatisering

1994 – 1998
System Engineer

Worked at ICT Automatisering at different companies that made devices using embedded or industrial software. Different roles including software engineering, technical documentation, user interface requirements and consultation for the choice of a new QNX or VvWorks development environment.

• 1994 (7 months): Philips IMS – Hasselt Belgium:
Software development for the first OEM CD-Recordable for PC.
• 1995 (3 months): Mead Johnson – Nijmegen:
Interfacing between the SCADA system and their Oracle database for a new production line in baby milk powder.
•  1995 (9 months): Philips CE – IR3 Vienna:
Software development of the TVCR-combi TV set (with integrated VCR).
•  1996 (6 months): Philips Car Systems – Eindhoven
Write a generic User Requirements Specification (URS) for the CARiN (CAR Information and Navigation) project.
• 1997-1998 (21 months): OCE – Venlo
Evaluate within R&D two real-time operating systems QNX and VxWorks for use in a high speed copy machines with embedded PC’s. Port software and deadline scheduling OS to the VxWorks platform to prove feasibility. 
• 1998 (3 months): Philips Car Systems – Wetzlar
Functional Requirements Specifications (FRS) with the CARiN Product Management.

Philips Car Systems

1989 – 1994
Embedded Software Engineer

Designed car radio software at Philips Car Systems in Germany, starting with an advanced demonstration model for a concept car which included the CAN bus, a large LCD display and a smart card. Our development team wrote own realtime multitasking operating system for the 8085 processor. Used the Object Oriented OMT development method to design the software, and implemented this with a C cross compiler.

• Support for Sun environment and CARiN tooling after move to Wetzlar.
• Developed smart card interface, security and telephone directory for concept car.
• User Interface architecture for car radios using David Harel’s Higraph research.

Philips Consumer Electronics

1984 – 1989
Embedded Software Engineer / DevOps Support Engineer

Developed embedded software for the Laser Vision’s new Picture Disc Players.
Support engineer (DevOp) for the Car Information & Navigation system: CARiN.

Achievements Laser Vision: 1984 – 1987 Embedded Software Engineer:
• Development for a new generation of Laser Vision player using 8085 uP and PL/M.
• Develop remote control, external computer control and internal servo bus protocol.
• Ported the control and servo software to a single processor on 2de generation player.

Achievements CARiN: 1987 – 1989 DevOps Support Engineer:
• Configuration Management and Make utilities support and documentation.
• Manage tool suppliers support for Sun, Teamwork, Framemaker, OS9 and map utils.
• Maintain Non-volatile memory (NVM) module using C and Unix.

Teradyne – Agoura Hills, California

1978 – 1979
Test Technician

Troubleshoot and repair complex multi-layer electronic circuit boards. Required background in AC/DC analog circuit theory, transistor theory, digital TTL/ECL IC’s and use standard bench test equipment such as oscilloscopes and multi-meters in an ESD safe environment.


Fontys Hogeschool Journalistiek – Tilburg

2018 – 2019
Part-time student finishing the first semester’s basic journalist training. Curriculum included research, fact checking, law, politics, ethics, Dutch language, media & innovation, interviewing techniques, TV and radio presentations, political and court reporting, and practical exercises working in the field with an editoral board.    

Master of Science  in User-System Interaction

1998 – 2000
Eindhoven University of Technology – The Netherlands

Industrial Design specialization to design user-friendly systems for complex technological systems, with a focus on intelligent products and services, using proven scientific methods. Final project was designing an international intranet for the VDL BOVA Bus service organization. 

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

1980 – 1984
HAN University  of Applied Sciences- The Netherlands

The HAN University provided a specialization in control systems engineering, which provided computer experience for modeling complex, dynamics systems.  The internship at the Radboud university provided experience in embedded software development. Designed and implemented control software for a large scale carousel slide stainer used in a national cervical cancer screening.

Electrical Engineering

1975 – 1978
California State University of Los Angeles – USA

The Collage of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology was ranked 41st of undergraduate engineering schools in the U.S. A, with state of the art computer facilities. Completed all computer science courses within the electrical engineering program.  Software development for 8080 microprocessors was part of the curriculum.


Native English (lived in Los Angeles from 1965 to 1979) and native Dutch speaker. Conversational level German speaker (lived in Germany from 1990 to 1994).

Electronics, programming languages (Assembly, Fortran, Algol, Pascal, PL/M, C, C++), Unix, Sun, Windows, VxWorks, QNX, MS Visual Studio, TeamWork, FrameMaker, MS Office, Rational Tools, UML, ISTQB, SPI, Jira, Trello, Adobe Premiere Pro, User Centered Design, Process Improvement, WordPress, SquareSpace, Google Analytics, journalism.

Networker, communicator, initiative and result driven, creative and conceptual thinker,
quality aware, team worker, flexible and customer focused, commercially oriented.

Other interests

  • 2019 – 2020: Journalist for local paper ‘Mooi Son en Breugel’.
  • 2018 – 2019: ANWB ‘Automaatje’ taxi service for elderly and taxibus service for children with a disability for a local special needs school.
  • 2016-2018: Translator, author and website developer for the English news site  Eindhoven News  and for the expats/internationals society The Hub Eindhoven.
  • 2014: Video editor at Mad emergent art center for the Mini Maker Fair documentary.
  • 2013: Host at the Dutch Design Week.
  • 2011-2012: Management Home Owners Association (VVE) for 140 apartments. 
  • 1999: SIGCHI conference Operational Manager.
  • Running  since 2004 and half marathons since 2007 with PR 1:53 in 2011. 
  • Ran the full Eindhoven Marathons in 2010 and the Vienna Marathon in 2013. 
  • Member of the Dutch Association of Journalist – Nederlandse Vereniging van Journalisten (NVJ)
  • Member of the TU/e Alumni network.