Peter Marijnissen

Personal portfolio of work done in journalism, website development, user experience design and software engineering.

Hello dear visitor and welcome to my personal website. Here some things about me:

I was raised in sunny California, coming to Los Angeles at the age of eight, and returning to the Netherlands fourteen years later. I have worked for many years as a software engineer at Philips and ICT, and started my own company NovaTouch in 2007 developing user friendly computers for the elderly. At my next company NovaText I provided website design, photography/video content development and technical writing services. Currently working as journalist by writing for our local newspaper. What I enjoy most is a combination of design and technology, which is why developing or improving technological user experiences is my favorite activity. Got my masters in User-System Interaction in 2000 from the TU/e, and have been helping people with technology ever since.

Signed Peter Marijnissen